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In the early 2000s, as Williams’ endowment rose above the $1 billion mark, we knew our increasingly complex portfolio and expanding group of outside investment managers would eventually require full-time professional oversight. In 2006, Collette Chilton was hired to the new position of Chief Investment Officer, a post she held for nearly 17 years. The Investment Committee appointed Abigail Wattley ’05 Chief Investment Officer effective July 1, 2023.

Work at the Investment Office centers on selecting and monitoring investment managers for the portfolio and carefully monitoring risks in the portfolio. Rather than directly investing the portfolio in specific stocks or bonds, the Investment Pool is invested with numerous investment managers allocated across nine asset classes. This allows Williams to take advantage of sophisticated investment strategies and private markets, as well as gain exposure to a diverse basket of assets that helps to dampen the portfolio’s risk profile. Thus, the focus of the Investment Office’s work is to “manage managers.” This includes both sourcing new opportunities around the world and monitoring current investments.


The Williams College Investment Office has offices in Boston and Williamstown.

  • tel: 617.502.2400
  • fax: 617.426.5784

Please direct all inquiries to [email protected].